From December 01 until April 30

Daily rental fee for 1 - 2 persons US$ 120,--

for 3 - 4 persons US$ 130,--

for 5 - 6 persons US$ 140,--



From May 01 until November 30

Daily rental fee for 1 - 2 persons US$ 95,--

for 3 - 4 persons US$ 105,--

for 5 - 6 persons US$ 115,--




any day exceeding the 15th day of rental 10% discount

Additional renters on request. Children 7 years and under are free.


Minimal rental for Easter, Whitsun and Christmas: 2 weeks, 15 % extra charge.

Special conditions apply if renting for a longer period of time.



Additional fee due for the final clean-up :

House: US$ 150,--

However, Lee County Ordinance 89-35 strictly requires 6% sales tax and 5% tourist tax on the above charge.


The above mentioned prices include all fees. Additional fees for electricity (more than 5.00 US$ per day), will be charged against the deposit (US$ 300.00), as long as they were not paid directly to the property manager. Each additional KWh will be chargd with US$ 0.13.


May we point out that no liability is included in the rental fee. Every customer is responsible for replacement of any damages be made.

Moreover, we recommend you effect a travel insurance that covers your travel expenses in case that for any reason you will be unable to avail yourself of your rental.


You may use the phone to make free local calls and also free calls to the U.S. and Canada, to make toll free calls and to receive incoming calls and faxes. For any other telephone or fax use, we recommend you buy an international calling card.


You will be required to pay a deposit of US$ 300,-- which will be used to cover any damages caused by you.


Both the deposit and the fee for the final clean-up will be due with the final rental payment.